Green Contractors stands far ahead of other home improvements companies.

We tend to give all customers an outstanding experience working with us. From the moment you first contact us during the survey process then all through each stage of the works our Staff and the CRM system we use allows you to be kept informed in real time at your convenience. You will get an outstanding service during and after the work completion.


Q. Do you cover all of England?

A. Not at present. We aim to become a nationwide rendering firm however at present we cover North of London and the Home Counties.


Q. Are you a high pressure sales organisation?

A.No Talk to a professional not to a salesman. No we are not a high-pressure sales call centre. Of course, we would love every homeowner to place an order with us, but the only way to even come close to that goal is to be the best choice available. This can be achieved by having the ability to provide what you, the consumer, feels is the best value for money and product offering.


Q. Do you work with self builders and main contractors?

A. If you are a self builder or a general building contractor we are the perfect rendering company for you. We understand the market and have gained a reputation for solid advice, customer care and not last a very competitive price. Also we will work around your other trades to make sure all work goes well an on time.


Q. How long this render system last? Is it 10 years or Longer?

A. Germany is a pioneer in EWI Rendering Systems. Same is Austria both home of one of the finest European brands, however, neither of these ( Sto or Baumit) are allowed to issue a warranty for the full life expectancy of a product. The guidelines for textured wall rendering is 10 years although the life expectancy of the product is 25+ years.


Q. Is there a job too small or too big for you?”

A. Yes there is. Some jobs might not be viable for us or might be too far, sometimes people come to us visiting our exhibition stands and it might be simple to far. Some jobs might be too small especially during buzzy summer periods.
We also avoid very large contracts working as subcontractors at present. Due to the fall of the Green Deal many large national contractors have gone bust and affected all the supply chain and other smaller businesses. Therefore we have a duty to protect our business and staff and might refuse anything that sounds too good and attracts a higher risk to the long-term development of our business.


Q. How long after I place my order can I expect the job to be completed?

A. This depends on the product that you choose to have installed and the time of the year. Last time we exhibited at the Ideal Home show for Christmas which is in Olympia in November we took orders for the following summer. And at present, we are booking Spring Summer 2017. In a normal period, we would endeavour to guarantee a period of no more than 4 to 6 weeks.


Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A.  Yes, you will be expected to pay a booking deposit for any residential contract which is set for £200 for jobs up to the value of £8,000 and £500 for jobs up to the value of £15,000. For commercial contracts and larger jobs, you will discuss all payment terms in detail with one of our managers. We offer a deposit protection insurance.

Q. Can I expect a return on my investment?

A. Absolutely, your property will lift up in value big time. You will have the pleasure of a maintenance free home for up to 30yrs (no bills) or you will get top market value on re-sale. (Guarantees are transferable with ownership.)


Q. Do you offer the Best price Guarantee?

A. We claim to be very competitive on our prices. If you want us to keep to the rule then all other Quotations need to be in writing and from an approved registered contractor, fully insured and trained and using a similar type of materials. You cannot compare sand and cement render with our finish texture render or thermal insulation system.


Q. Do You manufacture any part of the Systems you use?

A. Yes, we manufacture in-house all off the bespoke-size aluminum sills and roof verges which are needed on the projects we undertake, in order to ensure the perfect fit, finish and weatherproof qualities. 

Our prices are held for 90 days and clearly, show in writing what we are charging so you get no hidden extras.

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