Enjoy your home renovation

It is possible to enjoy your home renovation

It is essential to be realistic. A home renovation is going to involve some inconveniences and sacrifices, both financially and in terms of comfort. Visualising the result and the benefits that this investment will bring is key to enjoy your home renovation.

When the client opts for External Wall Insulation they have a great advantage because this work does not require the tenants to move to another home during the work. In other words, it is easy and does not involve any additional costs. House life and utilities are not affected and it is easy to maintain order, cleanliness and safety on the outside.

Enjoy your home renovation

Another essential to enjoy the renovation process is to know the planning in advance in order to know what is going to happen at any given moment. A detailed schedule of works will indicate what needs to be done, where and when. It will give you peace of mind and avoid uncertainty.  

A good idea is to let your neighbours know that there are going to be works in your house, so that they will also be aware that there will be people around and that some noise will be generated. This will avoid any tension.

You should make sure that the chosen company has everything you need (e.g. portable toilets) so that you do not have to go inside the house. Green Contractors is committed to ensure that at all times your daily routine will not be altered.