Working on External Wall Insulation

Still open for External Wall Insulation

During the lockdown we can continue working on the External Wall Insulation of your home. In this time you can also continue to apply for the Government Grant to make your home greener.

Now that we are at home more than ever it is essential that our homes are properly insulated. This will prevent that heat does not leak out and there is no mould or condensation on the inside walls. And even more important! Your heating bill does not go up. 

In a typical house poorly insulated walls waste around 30% of energy to heat or to cool a room. Would you leave the window open with the heating on?, why do you let energy go through your walls?

Personalised quotation in 48 hours

If you want us to give you a quotation for the External Wall Insulation of your home please contact us. We are always available by telephone 01923 518395 or by email 

No two houses are the same. Send us some photographs and we will give you a detailed and personalised estimate. It will include information about costs, times and improvement options in less than 48 hours.

Are you a vulnerable person? Don’t have access to a smartphone? We will go to your property. We will evaluate the house, take measurements and assess the necessary fitting out and scaffolding work. During the short visit we will observe all the covid security measures.  

Our office staff and surveyors will help you with any customer service before, during or after your installation. We are always ready to give any technical information you might need.

Use the Government service to apply for a grant. Up to £10,000 towards the cost of making your home more energy efficient. Don’t forget that the grant will expire in 2022! Because it’s a unique opportunity to make your home warmer and your bills lower.